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The Linc - It's Dump On Donovan McNabb Week

Eagles-Cowboys rivalry plods along these days | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/24/2011
Years ago, some Eagles fans were known to say that they didn't care what else the Birds did as long as they beat Dallas. It's not like that anymore.

Donovan McNabb's fortunes have taken a precipitous tumble |
McNabb, 34, was shunted aside in Philadelphia for Kevin Kolb and then superseded in Washington by Rex Grossman. Whether McNabb is a Hall of Fame quarterback may be an open discussion -- here the answer is no, but it's close -- but you could combine Kolb, Grossman (now benched himself for John Beck) and Ponder (unimpressive, we think) and not come within a light-year of Canton -- so what's going on?

The Donovan McNabb nightmare continues
Donovan McNabb has had a tough time since leaving Philadelphia and it didn't get any better for No. 5 on Sunday. news: Misguided belief leads Vikings to turn to rookie Ponder
Donovan McNabb's poor work habits, including being late for meetings and practice, was one of the factors that helped make the decision to turn to Christian Ponder, Michael Lombardi says.

Reid's Lieutenants
Andy Reid’s greatest accomplishment could be leading the team to the Super Bowl in 2004. Or his development of Donovan McNabb. Or the job he did in turning Michael Vick’s life and career around. Or just building the Eagles into consistent winners during his reign as coach. Or it could be putting together his initial coaching staff.


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