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Brian Orakpo Fined $15,000 For Hit On Michael Vick

Everyone got on Michael Vick for complaining about the lack of flags he was getting for late hits... but it appears as though it had the intended effect. Opponents have been hit with roughing the passer penalties in each of the past two weeks. The most recent was on Brian Orakpo, who was slapped with a $15,000 fine for his helmet to helmet hit on Vick.

But at least that fine for was for something that guys know they'll get fined for. The craziest fine of this week has to be the one given to Steelers S Troy Polamalu. He was fined $10000 this week for using a doctor's cell phone to call his wife to tell her he was ok after being removed from a game due to a concussion. Ten <em>thousand</em> dollars for that.

What makes that even more crazy is that Packers LB A.J Hawk, who was caught on camera giving the finger to his own sideline, was also fined ten grand. So for those keeping score at home, calling your wife to reassure her after an injury is an equal crime to flipping the bird on live TV.

It's just absurd.

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