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Mel Kiper's Top LBs In The 2012 Class

It's never too early to start looking ahead to the draft and the bye week is really the perfect time to do so. It's no secret what everyone is going to say is the Eagles biggest need, linebacker. Who knows whether they'll actually take one, but we can hope. So here are Mel Kiper's top 4-3 LBs available in the 2012 class.

1. Luke Kuechly - Boston College - 6-3, 237

Currently the No. 1 interior linebacker. Kuechly has been good amid a disappointing season. Dependable, a tackling machine, he makes great reads, sees the play develop and sheds blockers well. Exceptional instincts.

2. Manti Te'o - Notre Dame - 6-2, 255

Te'o has risen this season and is a challenge to Burfict and Kuechly for top linebacker. He's making a ton of tackles in the middle of the field but with range to the sideline, and he has added blitzing skills. Rugged player with ideal size.

3. Vontaze Burfict - Arizona State - 6-3, 250

Great instincts, makes plays sideline to sideline and is far more disciplined than he gets credit for. Has a ton of experience since landing at ASU, where he's started since his first game as a freshman.

If you were picking from this group, who would you prefer?

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