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Video Breakdown: LeSean McCoy's TD

For this week's video breakdown, we're going to take a look at LeSean McCoy's TD run. The beauty of this play was in it's simplicity. This wasn't a shovel pass or a bizarre HB option. There was no misdirection or anything. They simply sent the big left, ran behind them and dared the Redkins to stop it. They didn't. Seven points.

There were a few interesting points though. For one, keep an eye on Brent Celek here who just mauls his guy and has him pushed back to the top of the "E" in Redskins by the time McCoy hits the end zone. Owen Schmitt does a nice job sealing off OJ Atogwe, who would have been in great position to stop McCoy in the backfield. Todd Herremans ends up on London Fletcher, which is just a big mismatch that Herremans wins easy. Danny Watkins just pushes Barry Cofield down and lays on top of him. Evan Mathis draws who I believe is Brian Orapko and pushes him back. Jason Kelce just dives down in front his guy and puts him on the ground.

The only guy on the line who does get a great push is Kyle DeVan, who gets pushed into the backfield by Adam Carriker. Luckily, McCoy flies right by him and Carriker doesn't seem to realize. (Note - As people in the comments have pointed out, I seem to have gotten Mathis and DeVan backwards.)

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