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Does Todd Herremans Deserve Pro Bowl Consideration?

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When the Eagles shuffled Todd Herremans over to LT and started Winston Justice at RT, it looked like a recipe for disaster. As it turned out, it was anything but. In fact, you might even say it was the best performance we've seen from the line all season. When you consider that it was against such a good defensive front, it's all the more impressive.

But the real stars were on the left side, particularly Todd Herremans. Jimmy highlighted a particularly dominant play from Todd on Sunday, but today the plaudits kept rolling in. In their weekly "Re-focused" column, Pro Football Focus singled out Herremans and Evan Mathis.

The loss of Jason Peters has thrown the Philadelphia offensive line into a state of flux, but the combination of Todd Herremans (+5.6) and Evan Mathis (+4.1) on the left side of the line worked a treat for the Eagles this week. In the run and pass games the combination worked sublimely as both individuals and the two of them working together in combination. The Eagles ran a number of sprint plays to the edge to test the Washington defense and thanks to the blocking of these two sealing the pursuit, widening contain and working to the second level the Redskins simply were not up to the task. Neither player yielded any pressure in the passing game and on the 17 rushes to the left side of the offensive line the Eagles registered 97 rushing yards at an average of 5.7 yards per carry. With the pressure on, and against a defense playing good football, this pair of Eagle linemen stood up to be counted.

Adam Caplan was doing his post game review and said Pro Bowl talk for Herremans was deserved.

Just got done first half of -#Redskins. Peeps need to talk about Todd Herremans for Pro Bowl consideration. Most consistent OL.

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