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Did London Fletcher Scheme To Get Michael Vick Out?

There was an interesting moment in the second half of the game Sunday where Michael Vick seemed to be a little slow getting up after a scramble. A replay seemed to show that he took a shot to the back of his head from LaRon Landry. Where it got interesting is when London Fletcher held onto him, as if he was helping him stand up, and started calling to the sidelines for trainers. Presumably, London was saying that Vick may have had a concussion.

Vick was taken off the field and therefore had to be given the league mandated concussion tests. According to Andy Reid, it was a nice bit of gamesmanship from Fletcher.

He came off saying that, their #59 (London Fletcher) is a smart guy. He tried to bring a little attention to it, and I love the way he plays, he tried bring attention to things. Mike was trying to pull away from him and he made sure he held on to him and tried to get him out of there. Mike was okay, and right when he came to the sideline he said he was fine.

When pressed as to whether he thought Fletcher made more of the situation than there was, Andy said "Yeah, I think so. Like I said, he's pretty smart."

If that was Fletcher's intention, than it worked out great. Because Vince Young came in and threw a ridiculous interception two plays later. Of course, it could also be that Fletcher was simply concerned... Either way, I suppose you have to say it was a clever move from Fletcher.

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