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Eagles Vs Redskins Game Ball

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For the first time in a month, the Eagles get a win and we can finally celebrate our game ball post, rather than lament it. While there were a number of guys who played well, I think the game ball has to come down to two guys.

LeSean McCoy, or as El Donkerino called him "Shadynasty" which is an awesome Always Sunny reference. He carried the ball a whopping 28 times for 126 yards and a TD. He also had the highlight of the day with his gut punch to Andy Reid.

Kurt Coleman just had an overall monster game. We all know about the three picks, but Peter King pointed out some of Coleman's other contributions in his MMQB column today where he named Coleman his defensive player of the week.

And not just for his three important interceptions -- one when FedEx Field was rocking and the Eagles were trying to hand the game back to Washington. But for his two additional passes broken up at critical times when the Redskins were fighting to get back into the game, and his team-high seven tackles. Not bad for a guy who's been in and out of the lineup for inconsistent play.

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