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Redskins Confused By Eagles Running, Short Passing

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When the Eagles hung 59 points on the Redskins last year, they did it with big plays. The very first play of the game was an 88 yard TD pass to DeSean Jackson... So it stands to reason that the Redskins were preparing for the Eagles to go downfield this week.

Only, they didn't. The Eagles came out running the ball and working the quick, shorter passing game to great effect. It was 14-0 before the Redskins even realized what was up. Brian Orapko admitted that they weren't expecting it.

"The short and medium stuff kept adding up to McCoy every time," he explained. "It gets a little frustrating because they have such big time receivers, and when you watch film they usually throw it down field - all of a sudden you are getting hit with 5 yard [and] 7 yard passes, it just kept adding up."

LeSean McCoy ended up rushing for 126 yards and a TD. Jeremy Maclin caught 5 passes for 101 yards and Brent Celek matched his catch total of the last four weeks with four catches for 42 yards and a TD.

Speaking of McCoy, Ruben Frank had a great stat about him last night. He's rushed for 36 first downs so far this season, while no one else has accounted for more than 27.

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