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Gameday Linc - Eagles At Redskins

Scouting Eagles-Redskins a sharp contrast in styles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/16/2011
It comes down to this: If the Eagles lose Sunday in Washington, they can forget about the postseason. They are 1-4, and no 1-5 team has made the playoffs since the NFL went to its current format in 1990.

Redskins’ Trent Williams, Jammal Brown ready for Philly’s ‘wide nine’ front - The Insider - The Washington Post
Redskins tackles Trent Williams and Jammal Brown see how the Eagles’ "wide nine" system could cause problems.

Eagles-Redskins: What We're Watching | Eagletarian | 10/15/2011
Is This the Week They Stop the Run?: The bad-tackling, can’t-get-off-a-block Birds have allowed a disturbing 140.2 rushing yards per game. They’re giving up an equally disturbing 5.0 yards per carry. But they showed some improvement against the run in the second half last week, giving up just 51 yards on the Bills’ final 17 carries. The Redskins almost certainly will try to try to run it down their throats on Sunday. Stopping them and putting Rex Grossman in obvious passing situations is Job One.

Eagles ready for the Redskins to run
The Eagles are fully expecting the Redskins to look to exploit the Birds' lackluster run defense.

Eagles wide nine gives ends a running start
This Sunday, that means that we will see the Eagles’ Jason Babin, a 260-pound end, with a good head of steam colliding with Jammal Brown, who will be moving into position to get in between Babin and Rex Grossman. If Brown doesn’t keep his feet under him as he is moving to engage the defender or if he gets a little high and lets Babin get under his pads, then the offensive tackle could end up being barely a speed bump on Babin’s path to Grossman.

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