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The Linc - Eagles Ditch Wind, Go Solar

This is what the Linc was going to look like with wind power...
This is what the Linc was going to look like with wind power...

Sorry for the lack of posts today everyone. I had to unexpectedly leave my house this AM and was stuck without a laptop all day! But we're back...

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Odd Rumor on Mudd, Eagles
Which Eagles OL might not like Howard Mudd's system? My guess is that his name rhymes with Schamal Schackson.

Inside a Moment in Time - Michael Vick - Game of the Century - ESPN
It was the best game of Michael Vick's career: six TDs -- four passing, two rushing -- 20-for-28 passing, 333 yards. In fact, it was the NFL's best offensive performance of this century. And it could have been even better. "I easily could have been 28-of-28," the Eagles QB said of the 59-28 win over the Redskins on "Monday Night Football." Here's the inside story of the Nov. 15, 2010 game some of the participants said was like the "Madden NFL" video game come to life.

Eagles remain loose, confident going into crucial game vs. 'Skins
Heading into their matchup with the Redskins Sunday, the Eagles are confident, but they know their situation is dire.

Eagles retool green-energy plan -
The Eagles found that their planned wind power generation system was going to pump more power into the grid on non gamedays than it could handle. So instead, they'll be installing the largest solar power system in the NFL.

LeBron a Cowboy? Romo's down with that
Lebron James is worried that he's only hated by 80% of the country. He's looking for ways to turn that other 20% around.

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