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Juan Castillo Doesn't Listen To The Radio, He Has An iPod


Juan Castillo was asked today how he's adjusting from being the anonymous o-line coach to constantly being discussed on the radio and TV as the defensive coordinator. Turns out, it's been fine because he's too busy to hear it and he has an iPod.

"You know how you said that I'm here at four, working 19, 20 hours? Well, you're working 19, 20 hours, you're not watching TV. I have a TV where I watch the tape. I'll go home tonight to see my kids, then I'll go to sleep because I have to get back early in the morning, but I haven't really been paying attention to the TV or radio. I've got an iPod, you know, I've got some music there I listen to, that my boy likes. I'm focused on one thing, that I have a responsibility to [Head] Coach [Andy] Reid, to [Eagles Owner] Mr. [Jeffrey] Lurie, and to the city of Philadelphia."

Admittedly, I've also blocked out all the people complaining about Juan on WIP by listening to my iPod!

Onto things actually about the game, Juan did hint that there will be adjustments to the wide scheme that we'll see this week.

"We have to make some adjustments, that we'll make some adjustments to help. There's some things that you'll see this week. I can't get into the particulars, but you'll see some adjustments that will help us."

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