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The Linc - Eagles Goal Is To Go 12-4

Nnamdi Asomugha: Our Goal Is To Be 12-4 - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
"The only people who knew that this thing wasn’t going to be a perfect, well-oiled machine overnight are the people that are here. The criticism is going to come from the people who think that all you have to do is snap a finger and this thing is a perfect winning deal, and that’s not the way it is. . . . We’re 1-4. By the end of the season, our goal is to be 12-4."

Chaney: 'We're going to be in the playoffs'
"You see, a lot of teams – they can be hot in the beginning of the season, and then they can’t hold that at the end of the season and don’t end up making the playoffs. The other teams, they’ve got the right to talk. What are they – 4-1? So they’ve got the right to talk. We’re going to keep working and when it’s all said and done, we’re going to be in the playoffs and we’re going to do our thing. So we’re not worrying about that. … All the outside stuff doesn’t matter."

Not all bad news for Eagles, it just seems like it | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/13/2011
As the 1-4 Eagles prepare for a gotta-win-it game against the Washington Redskins, there may be a couple reasons to hope the beleaguered defense and turnover-prone offense can turn it around.

Blame for Michael Vick’s interceptions can be shared among offense - The Washington Post
a closer look at Vick’s picks shows the Pro Bowl quarterback isn’t really at fault for at least five, perhaps six of them. A combination of mistakes by receivers and poor protection has hurt Vick.

Kolb a disaster for Arizona - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Kolb looks inept to start the season. His first five weeks in Arizona have been cringe-inducing. Some have called him a bust. He looks unsure of himself. He’s playing hot potato with the football. The execution against the lowly Vikings was totally embarrassing. Kolb was 21 of 42, throwing two interceptions and not a single touchdown. That’s unacceptable, based upon the match-up. That’s unacceptable when you employ Larry Fitzgerald. You can’t have an absurdly low completion percent of 50 percent against the Vikes.

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