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Don't Be Stupid And Blame The Wide 9

At least that's the message tweeted today by Jason Babin.


He is pretty much right. The Titans were top 10 against the run for most of a decade plus running the system, the Lions run it now and they're obviously a very good defense. So that the system can work is not really up for debate.

The reality though is that things are not working here. Some blame the system, some blame the players, some blame the players in the system... My take all along has been that the players are the #1 problem and the system may also be an issue... but really the players are where it starts. I mean, what system makes Jarrad Page an effective player?

Either way you fall on the issue, Babin has made his feelings clear. What do you think? Are you too uneducated to realize how awesome the wide 9 is?

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