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Eagles Video Breakdown: Protection Problem Leads To Pick Six

We're doing a new series here on BGN where we break down a pivotal play from the previous Sunday's game. This week, we take a look at the pick six thrown by Michael Vick to Nick Barnett. I'll admit, I was alerted to this play by Peter King yesterday.

The player to focus on is #62 Jason Kelce. Watch as he pulls left right after the snap, which should have been the perfect call because the Bills blitzed left. Kelce should have seen LB Kelvin Sheppard and filled that gap, but instead, you'll see him go double team the edge rusher, who was already being ridden out of the play by LeSean McCoy (who did a great job BTW). That leaves Sheppard with a free path to the QB, he hits Vick as he throws and the ball goes straight to Nick Barnett who then returns the ball for a TD.

As Vick said after the game, he obviously bears responsibility because taking the sack would have been the smarter play.

"I had a guy coming down my gun barrel and I should have just took the sack,'' said Vick. "I think that was a game-changer. Those things can't happen.''

Still, you can at least understand that he was trying to make a play, which isn't the worst thing when you're down in a game and trying to come back. It doesn't excuse the pick, but I think this does illustrate that the problem here isn't really the decision making of the QB. He was really let down by his line, specifically Kelce here. The protection that was called was perfect and should have had the blitz picked up, but once again a mental mistake ruins it all.

And the worst part is, these are the kinds of plays you have Jason Kelce in the game for. He has the athleticism to run those kind of pull plays that Jamaal Jackson probably doesn't. And on the play, Kelce does look very quick and you can see what Howard Mudd likes about his athleticism... but if he goes and blocks the wrong guy, what difference does that extra athleticism make?

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