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King: Eagles Are "Sloppy And Dumb"

Writing in his weekly MMQB column, Peter King was harsh, but accurate in his assessment of the Eagles so far this season.

The Eagles are playing in quicksand. They make a little progress, make a couple of plays and then, week after week, do something really stupid to set themselves back. A strip. A penalty. An interception. An idiotic offside call when they can least afford it. Sloppy teams do dumb things like that all the time, and the Eagles right now are both sloppy and dumb.

It's basically what we said earlier. The Eagles are gaining a ton of yards, scoring at a decent clip and not really giving up an above average amount of yards on defense. They're losing because of mistakes. It's the crazy the -10 turnover differential, it's the ill advised miss, drop, fumble etc that seems to happen in every big spot this year.

Andy Reid was confronted with King's assessment this afternoon at his Monday PC and shrugged it off.
"Well listen, it's a free country, man, everybody can have their opinion. We don't worry about all those things. We're worried about getting better and fixing the situations that we need to fix. But everybody will have their opinion. Listen, it's America, everybody can do that."

God bless America everyone, aren't we so lucky we get to criticize the coach?

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