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Andy Reid Doesn't Offer Explanations, But What Explanations Are There?

Andy Reid met the media today and what he said was pretty much what you would have expected. As always, he took responsibility for the teams' poor play and didn't offer much in the way of explanations. That said, I'm not sure how he could explain some of these problems if he wanted to.

Jason Avant hadn't lost a fumble since 2006 and he loses two yesterday. I'm as angry as anyone with the team and with Andy, but at the same time, how he is supposed to explain that? There is no explanation for why a guy like Jason Avant would fumble twice after going five years without putting the ball on the ground. It's inexplicable.

He did mention that he thought Danny Watkins and King Dunlap played well on the offensive line. Other than the red zone penalty for Watkins, I agree. He was more solid than he was in preseason and seemed to get more push than Kyle DeVan, who he replaced. As for King Dunlap, this is the second start (the previous one being against Atlanta last season) where he surprised by looking quite capable. Our first impression of Dunlap was that really poor performance against Oakland, but in the past couple season he’s obviously worked hard and improved.

Reid also mentioned that it would be "a stretch" for either Jason Peters or Trent Cole to be ready to play by this weekend against the Redskins. It’s more likely that those two might return after the bye in week 7.

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