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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 4

Hey everyone, hope all is well. Here is your weekly fantasy football preview: 

Last Week's Bold Prediction: Two QBs that went undrafted in most leagues, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Rex Grossman, both throw for over 300 yards and at least 2 scores finishing in the top 10 for Fantasy QBs this week. 

Result: I was correct about Fitzpatrick torching the Pats but Sexy Rex let me down against the Cowboys.

This Week’s Bold Prediction: Arian Foster, coming off two nagging hamstring injuries, shows how healthy he is by rushing for over 120 yards and getting at least 1 score.

Last Week's Sleeper Picks: 

QB: Matt Hasselbeck-  He had 18 points and broke 300 yards and threw a pair of scores. I think he is playing very well but the loss of Britt makes him unstartable in 10 or 12 team leagues.

RB: Dexter McCluster- He had only 5 points with 17 receiving yards on 5 receptions and had 9 carries for 45 yards. I think in PPR leagues hes a low-end #2 or flex but in standard leagues I couldn’t feel comfortable playing him any higher than a flex and maybe not even that.

WR: Deion Branch- Wow was I wrong. When I was looking through the box scores Sunday Night and I saw how many points the Pats put up I thought Branch had a big game instead he did nothing. I would still consider this more a result of Welker’s play and think Branch will be fine in the future.

TE: Jared Cook- Wrong again. 2 targets 12 yards. Ouch. Cook should be cut in all leagues. Maybe the loss of Britt helps him some but he isn’t showing anything that makes me feel confident.

This Week’s Sleeper Picks:

QB: Jason Campbell- Pats D isn’t playing well and don’t be surprised if the Raiders pull the upset behind a big game from the Raiders Offense.

RB: Arian Foster- This isn’t technically a sleeper but I see a lot of people low on him this week. Foster has reportedly looked great and Kubiak has said he is going to be substantially involved in the game on Sunday. Foster should be started in every league this weekend.

WR: David Nelson- The Bills offense has looked great this season and David Nelson has been a big reason why. Nelson has had 14 and 8 points the past two weeks with 16 catches during that timespan. I expect this steak to continue versus the Bengals.

TE: Ed Dickson - He has more talent than most TEs but has yet to put it together. But he has had 5 catches in 2 of the first 3 weeks and while I don’t expect him to became the next Antonio Gates overnight, I do think he will play well this week.  

Also, Feel Free to Email any Questions All Weekend Long to

Full position by position rankings are after the jump.


A. Rodgers A. Peterson C. Johnson R. Gronkowski Packers
M. Stafford D. McFadden M. Wallace J. Graham Bears
T. Brady L. McCoy A. Johnson J. Finley Lions
D. Brees R. Rice L. Fitzgerald O. Daniels Jets
P. Rivers M. Forte W. Welker G. Olsen Falcons
M. Vick F. Jackson G. Jennings V. Davis Ravens
M. Schaub M. Jones-Drew S. Johnson J. Witten Redskins
R. Fitzpatrick C. Johnson V. Jackson B. Pettigrew Eagles
R. Grossman M. Turner R. White D. Keller Giants
T. Romo A. Foster S. Moss T. Gonzalez Chargers
C. Newton L. Blount H. Nicks D. Clark Buccaneers
J. Freeman A. Bradshaw B. Marshall S. Chandler Texans
J. Campbell R. Mathews D. Jackson K. Winslow Steelers
J. Cutler R. Mendenhall D. Bowe J. Gresham Titans
K. Kolb T. Hightower P. Harvin E. Dickson Vikings
M. Ryan F. Gore D. Bryant F. Davis  
B. Roethlisberger J. Starks S. Smith R. McMichael  
J. Flacco J. Best S. Holmes T. Heap  
M. Hasselbeck S. Jackson M. Manningham J. Cook  
M. Sanchez F. Jones N. Washington E. Moore  
  S. Greene J. Maclin    
  P. Hills M. Williams    
  B. Wells E. Decker    
  J. Addai R. Wayne    
  M. Ingram A. Boldin    
  D. Sporles AJ Green    
  J. Stewart L. Moore    
  D. McCluster D. Nelson    
  W. McGahee J. Jones (ATL)    
  B. Green-Ellis S. Rice    
  M. Tolbert B. Lloyd    
  D. Woodhead R. Meacham    
  B. Jacobs D. Moore    
  B. Tate D. McCluster    
  M. Bush J. Knox    
  L. Tomlinson B. Gibson    
  M. Hardesty M. Thomas    
  R. Helu D. Henderson    
  S. Slaton P. Burress    
  M. Lynch J. Nelson    

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