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BGN Writer Picks - Wildcard Weekend


Jason - The Saints are just a better team by a good margin. I don't really think there's a lot of analysis needed for this game. Seattle has no business in this tournament of the best NFC teams, while the Saints arguably one of the top 2-3 teams in the conference. It would be a huge upset if Seattle won this.  PICK - Saints 24-13

Bob - With the Seahawks' uncertainty at the quarterback position and their lack of talent sufficient to produce a winning record, can anyone blame me for picking the Saints? Look for Drew Brees and his pals to have a field day against a Seattle defense that has allowed an average of 368 yards per game.  PICK - Saints 31-10

Jimmy - While it's a joke that the Seahawks make the tourney with just 7 wins, I'll add that this isn't even a "7-win team."  In every single one of the Seahawks' losses this season, they lost by at least 15 points.  That's disgraceful.  Saints in a laugher.  PICK - Saints 45-10


Jason - Two teams that have been a bit disappointing this year, yet here they are in the postseason. I actually think in some ways the Jets are little bit better road team than they are a home team, so I don't think this game being in Indy is that bad for them. It's a fairly close matchup as the the 3 point line for the Colts suggests. That said, in a close matchup I look at QBs and this isn't even close.  PICK - Colts 17-10

Bob - I know quite a few people out there who would love to see Rex Ryan shut up with a one-and-done performance in the playoffs, and I think that's exactly what's going to happen tonight. New York's top-ranked defense will keep the game close, but won't be enough to bail out Mark Sanchez, who has finished in the bottom of the QB barrel with a 75.3 QB rating and hasn't had a multiple touchdown game since November. Look for Peyton Manning to extend his four game win streak tonight.  PICK - Colts 20-17

Jimmy - After the Seahawks, I see the Jets as the worst team in the tourney.  Being in that dome is a major advantage with the speed of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis coming off the edges on that fast turf, and obviously, we've all seen Manning operate with the Colts fans staying quiet enough for the stadium to pass as a library.  The Colts always find a way to score. The Jets will need to sustain long drives to keep this close, and I don't think they can.  PICK - Colts 30-20

Jason - Despite losing just once at home this season, KC is a home dog to the Ravens. Now part of that has to do with the fact that they looked liked crap the final week of the season at home against the Raiders in a game they needed to win to improve playoff seeding. I just think that Arrowhead crowd lifts them to a good performance against the Ravens.  PICK - Chiefs 13-10

Bob - This game has close written all over it. The top-ranked rushing Chiefs go up against one of the better defenses in the AFC. The removal of Dwayne Bowe from Kansas City's injury report should give John Harbaugh a dual threat to face, and could make the difference in this matchup. Look for this one to come down to a final field goalPICK - Chiefs 23-21

Jimmy - The Chiefs had an amazing season out of nowhere, but this is where it ends.  Arrowhead Stadium might normally be a huge home field advantage, but I think the Ravens are such a mentally tough team that they won't be affected by the hostile environment.  The Ravens are the better team.  They advance.  PICK - Ravens 24-16


Jason - I really think this is the most even matchup of the wildcard round. It's actually kind of a shame this game is so early in the playoffs. I do like the Eagles though. They're the more rested team, they've got home-field and I think they win a close but high scoring affair.  PICK - Eagles 27-24

Bob - I've thought long and hard about how this game is going to turn out. Clearly, LeSean McCoy and the Eagles' running game will play a big factor in the outcome, but Green Bay's run defense isn't exactly a pushover with players like Clay Matthews around. Ultimately, it's all going to come down to Philly's offensive line. If Max Jean-Gilles or (God forbid) King Dunlap and the rest of the big guys can stave off the rush long enough for Michael Vick to work his magic, then the Eagles might just pull out a win here.  PICK - Eagles 30-28

Jimmy - As I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, I heard someone in the background on the NFL Network say that this game is worthy of the NFC Championship Game.  I couldn't possibly agree more.  Andy Reid has a 15-0 record in games after bye weeks, and that's essentially what this game is.  Eagles win a game that doesn't have as much scoring as everyone is anticipating.  PICK - Eagles 24-19

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