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DeSean Jackson Is Not Afraid

DeSean Jackson was a guest of the Junkies radio show on 106.7 The Fan in Washington DC to go over the Eagles season and talk a bit about the upcoming wildcard matchup with the Packers. I won't post the whole interview, but he says some interesting stuff in there. Being a DC based show they asked him about the "Monday Night Massacre" of the Redskins and he's pretty clear that the Eagles wanted revenge from the game earlier in the season. They really wanted to beat Donovan McNabb and I get the feeling like the way he gloated after his 60.2 QB rating in that game kinda bugged the team.

He also talked about Michael Vick, how he "grew up" watching Vick and loves playing with him. It's kinda bizarre that a guy who is only 30 is literally the idol of so many players in the NFL. It's easy to forget that he was by far the NFL's most popular player in his heyday and really the face of that Madden generation. Back to Jackson though... The quote I wanted to pull out was when he was asked about his feelings on going over the middle after the big shot he took earlier this year that took him out for a couple weeks.

"You gotta have a lot of heart to play this game. Obviously I'm not one of the biggest guys out here doing what I do, but I have a lot of heart where I grew up, where I came from, Los Angeles, California, the things that I saw. I mean to get an opportunity like this and come out here on the field. It's really like I'm safe here. I've been hesitant in my life. I've done some wild things, but it just made me real comfortable and real safe here. I'm just blessed with an opportunity. I'm really blessed to walk off the field after that hit too (Dunta Robinson), but it also shows a lot of heart. It is a lot of heart man. It's dangerous out here man. Guys are 300 pounds, 6'8". These guys don't care about nothing. They got a family to feed just like myself. Whatever you have to do to play this game and play it clean, that's what you see. "

"Hey, hey, I'm gonna be real and I'm gonna tell you the truth man. It's dangerous out there just know that and when I'm going through certain ways and I'm in the middle of the field I'm aware of all that, so at the end of the day you can't be a girl and be scared to go. You gotta be a boss about it, but at the end of the day don't get me wrong you think about that stuff, but you gotta play the game."

Check out the whole interview on Sports Radio Interviews.

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