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ESPN Examines Michael Vick's Remaining Debt

Tonight at 7 on ESPN radio's "The Sporting Life" they're doing an "Outside The Lines" piece on Michael Vick's outstanding debt. While he has paid his debt to society, he's still got creditors...

"I used to tell Michael, ‘Listen, none of these guys have jobs. You know what their job is? Their job is to get money out of you. That's their job.'" -- Michael Smith, Phoenix-based Certified Financial Planner, who was Vick's financial adviser for two years, on warning Vick about his hangers-on.

They sent us a few clips from the segment. First you'll hear Rick Radtke, who owns a sports memorabilia business and is owed $250,000 from Vick. The other is Joe Luzinski, who is the liquidating trustee that was appointed by his creditors.

He can make a big step toward getting a big new contract and paying all that debt off with a win this weekend...

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