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Reid Casts Doubt On Bradley's Wildcard Week Return

After Sunday afternoon's loss to the Cowboys, Stewart Bradley was optimistic about his return to the field by the first round of the playoffs after missing three weeks with a dislocated elbow. In a post game interview with NBC, he was quoted as saying "Definitely, I plan on it. For sure."

Now, Andy Reid is throwing a bit of a damper on the fans' expectations. In a press conference earlier today, Reid was quoted as saying that Bradley would be a "stretch" to play this Sunday against the Packers:

"If (Bradley) had to play today, he wouldn't be able to play. We'll take it day-by-day here and see how he does. I think it will be a stretch for him to make it (by Sunday)."

If Bradley is a no-go, rookie Jamar Chaney will continue to fill his shoes as the starting middle linebacker. Chaney is coming off of a week's worth of rest after sitting out of the week 17 matchup and should be ready to continue his high level of performance. He is currently averaging 10 tackles per game. However, even if Bradley makes his return this Sunday, Reid has said that he could envision a defensive package in which both Bradley and Chaney are on the field at the same time, so either way, prepare to see Chaney take on Green Bay's high-powered offense.

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