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Darren Perry Flattered By Connection To Eagles Defensive Coordinator Job

The most recent rumors about the the Eagles defensive coordinator search have centered around Packers' secondary coach Darren Perry. We've written quite a bit in recent days about Perry if you want to know more... He spoke with his hometown paper this week and said he was flattered that his name has surfaced as candidate in Philadelphia.

I have not interviewed for a defensive coordinator position in the past, but I think I'm ready, I've done my apprenticeship," said Perry, 42. "I've been around some great football minds. I'm patiently waiting for my opportunity, knowing that eventually something will come up."

While Perry said he wanted to be a coordinator and thinks he's ready to do so, he didn't claim to have any knowledge of the Eagles interest in him beyond what is being reported. Right now, he's focused on the Super Bowl and trying to get his second ring as a coach.

"I'm not gonna spend a whole lot of time talking about it, because my focus right now is on the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's great to be recognized, but really right now, that'll be something to talk about once we get through this game right here."

It's pretty clear that Perry wants the job, so the next step is finding out whether the rumors of the Eagles interest in him are actually true...

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