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Agent: Jeff Fisher To Eagles "Highly Unlikely"

John Clayton's speculation that former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher could become the next Eagles defensive coordinator was hard enough to believe at first... now it's even harder. Les Bowen contacted Fisher's agent, Marvin Demoff, who said it was "highly unlikely" that Fisher would be making his return to Philadelphia.

Now to be fair, Clayton never claimed to have any inside info on Fisher's next move. What he said about Fisher possibly heading to Philadelphia was pure speculation. He did however report that Andy Reid had told candidates that the job was closed. Bowen also contradicted that report quoting an Eagles source which called it "crazy."

We can forgive Clayton's speculation... but he should be called out to answer for his report that Reid was telling candidates that the job was closed.

Also, whoever told him that Reid was phoning candidates that the job was closed... would that person mind telling us who those candidates are? Because the existence of multiple candidates is news to us too!

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