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Eagles Defensive Coordinator Search: Thursday Brings No News

The assumption many Eagles fans made and the the reports several writers made was that the Eagles didn't have serious interest in guys like Dick Jauron and Dennis Allen, and that their top targets were on the staffs of the "final four." After last weekend's games the expectation was that we might see some guys from the Bears and Jets come to Philadelphia for interviews.

Monday passed and that was no big deal because they were all just a day removed from the conference title games.... but then Tuesday passed, Wednesday passed and now it's Thursday afternoon and still no news. We know the Jets have denied the Raiders permission to interview at least one guy that has been speculated as a possible Eagles target, Dennis Thurman. Of course, we don't know if they would deny the Eagles or whether the Eagles would even be interested in Thurman. So, if the Eagles were interested in anyone on the Jets or Bears staff wouldn't they have come to Philadelphia by now?

Now, just because we've got no reports of movement on the defensive coordinator search doesn't mean there hasn't been any. However, had there been any actual interviews it's hard to believe that we wouldn't have heard about it. At the very least, the guy getting the interview would want it known that he's being considered. So, I would think it's safe to assume that nothing this week has reached past the conversation stage.

The one possibility that everyone seems to hanging on now is that the Eagles are waiting for the Superbowl to get a chance to interview someone on the Packers or Steelers staffs. The Packers certainly have a pair of strong candidates in Winston Moss and Mike Trgovac, but it's no sure thing that those guys could be had. For one, the Packers do not have to allow the Eagles to speak with them and there's two other teams (Cardinals and Raiders) still out looking for defensive coordinators. Of course, there's the ever present question of whether either would even be interested in the job?

Now, my luck is that moments after publishing this, we'll hear reports of an interview scheduled... but barring that happening, it's probably fairly safe to assume that they will just wait until after the Superbowl. In the end, the Eagles will be judged on who they hire, not how they went about getting him... but the nervousness and frustration of the fanbase in the meantime is understandable.

To avoid a major disappointment, the Eagles almost have to deliver a Moss or Trgovac at this point. If they end up hiring a Dennis Allen type now... it will seem like a major fallback.

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