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Do You Host A Big Game Party If The Eagles Aren't In It?

Today, as part of our deal with Coke I'm going to write about Superbowl parties. But instead of getting into the "what type of snacks are best!?" type discussion, I wanted to get a little more philosophical. Now, the Superbowl is a pretty major event that probably transcends our Eagles fandom. What I mean by that is, you might not go out of your way to be sure you're home for a first round wildcard game between the Seahawks and Saints... but you aren't going to miss the Superbowl regardless of who is in it.

But of course, the game isn't quite as exciting if your team isn't in it. So how much of that affects how much you celebrate? If this Superbowl is Steelers vs Packers, will you still invite the friends and family over for a big bash? For me, I've usually gone the bar route. I'd go to my local watering hole (which was for several years Otts Tavern in Delran NJ) to watch the game and have some fun. Of course, if the Eagles aren't in it I won't necessarily need to hear every little sound or see every single play. If the Eagles were in the big game, I'd need to be at my home base probably in some state of solitude

Last year I went to a Superbowl party hosted by a female friend of mine. There were a lot of people there, lots of drinking and good food... but the ability to actually watch the game was almost nil. The TV sat in the corner with the sound down as everyone around chatted and played beer pong. Of course, I really didn't care who won between the Saints and Colts so it didn't bother too much, but still it was a Superbowl party and the actual Superbowl ended up being an afterthought.

So here's the question, are you more or less likely to throw your own big game party if the Eagles are in it? If you do throw a party this year, how much of it will actually centered around watching the actual game and how much is it just having an excuse for a party?

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