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Buddy Ryan Congratulates, Jabs Cowboys

The Cowboys officially announced the signing of former Browns and Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to fill the same job in Dallas. As we've been over, Ryan has a good football bloodline but has never compiled the resume of his more successful brother and father. Still, his pop was proud to hear he got the Cowboys job and thinks the organization made a good choice.

"They're lucky they got a guy like Rob," Buddy said. "He's a helluva coach, and he'll do a great job for them. ... He'll bring a lot of enthusiasm. He'll get the best out of his players. He'll be up their ass and they'll get going."

Still, this doesn't mean Buddy, who Cowboys fans loathe, has suddenly become a Dallas fan.

"I don't know for sure, but I don't think Dallas ever beat Philadelphia when I was there," Ryan said. "Unless you count the scab game and I don't."

Buddy has a long history of driving the Cowboys mad, which is large part of the reason he's still so beloved in Philadelphia. Who could forget the "Bounty Bowl" where Buddy allegedly put bounties on Troy Aikman and Luis Zendejas? Or the game in 1987 where ran up the score to get revenge on Dallas for using pro players who had crossed the strike line and beat up on the Eagles replacement players? With less than a minute to play, the Eagles were up 30-20 and Buddy had Randall Cunningham kneel twice. On third down, he had Randall throw a pass into the end zone and drew a pass interference. With no time left and the ball at the one, he had Keith Byars run the ball in for a TD.

Great memories.

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