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Eagles Name Jim Washburn Defensive Line Coach

Over the weekend, the Eagles tore down the coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball. This week, they've begun the process of building it back up with the hiring of former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn. As we previously noted, Washburn is considered to be one of the best defensive line coaches in the NFL. Andy Reid said he's thrilled to have Washburn on board.

"We are thrilled to add a quality defensive line coach in Jim Washburn. He had a great tenure with Jeff Fisher and the Tennessee Titans and he'll play a big part in the development of our defensive line moving forward. He's had a number of Pro Bowl players working under him over the years with the Titans and we're happy to have him join our coaching staff in Philadelphia."

Washburn said that while he was sad to leave Tennessee, he's excited about the chance to work with Reid and the Eagles.

"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization for allowing a nobody like me to coach in the NFL for the last 12 years. An opportunity came along for me to join the Eagles and I felt like it was good timing. At this stage of my career, I'm ready to make a change. This is no reflection on the state of the Titans but just a good opportunity for me. My wife, Sandy, and I have long planned to make Middle Tennessee our home and that is still our plan. However, we look forward to moving to Philadelphia and joining a top-flight organization like the Eagles and work for a premier coach in Andy Reid."

Washburn's decision was likely heavily influenced by the fact that Jeff Fisher is currently a lame duck in Tennessee. He has just one year left on his contract and could not make any commitments to his coaching staff beyond next year. So Washburn likely saw the opening in Philadelphia as a place where he could long security in a stable organization.

Titan's coach Jeff Fisher describes Washburn as a great teacher and tireless worker.

"He stresses technique. He’s a passionate teacher, a passionate instructor," Titans head coach Jeff Fisher told The Titans Insider web site. "He’s never satisfied. I don’t know if he sleeps. I’d hate to be around his house at night. He’s thinking about something related to defensive line play at all times. And I think that type of personality carries over to most of his guys."

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