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The Eagles' full slate of 2011 Draft Picks, and what compensatory pick(s) should the Eagles expect to receive?

This is more informational than anything, but I figured we'd post just as a reference. Here are the Eagles' current 2011 draft picks. As usual, they'll have more picks than most teams:

Round Pick Overall How aquired?
1 23 23 Eagles pick
2 22 53 Eagles pick
3 21 85 Eagles pick
4 7 TBD Donovan McNabb trade
4 23 TBD Eagles pick
5 18 TBD From San Diego in draft day trade last year
5 22 TBD Eagles pick
7 23 TBD Eagles pick

We'll talk about compensatory picks and other good stuff after the jump...

There are several things to note about the Eagles' draft picks:

So we didn't get a 3 for Donovan McNabb? Why'd we get a 4? Weren't we supposed to get a 3?

Nope. "Project Donolulu" failed miserably.

What happened to the 6th rounder?

Reggie Wells.

Where's the 7th rounder the Eagles got for Stacy Andrews?

They traded it to Baltimore for Antwan Barnes.

Wait... What about the Reggie Brown trade? Where'd that pick go?

The Eagles traded Brown to the Buccaneers for a 6th round pick in 2011. They then traded that pick to Detroit for a pick in the 7th round last year and selected Jamar Chaney. Ah, the cycle of draft picks - The Eagles traded AJ Feeley for a 2, which turned into Brown, which turned into a 6 in 2011, which turned into a 7 in 2010, which turned into Jamar Chaney. AJ Feeley is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Why are some of the overall draft spots after the 3rd round marked "TBD?"

They're marked TBD because the NFL has yet to award compensatory picks to teams that have lost free agents. Compensatory picks fall at the end of the 3rd-7th rounds, so at this point we don't yet know what exact overall picks the Eagles will have after the 3rd round.

Will the Eagles be awarded any compensatory picks?

Yes, probably. I'm thinking they'll receive ONE compensatory pick. Despite cutting ties with so many players last season (Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Chris Clemons, Darren Howard, Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown, Sheldon Brown, Chris Gocong, Jason Babin, Sean Jones, Stacy Andrews, Shawn Andrews, etc), the only players that left as unrestricted free agents (they weren't released or traded) were Babin and Jones. Both of those guys will qualify as compensatory pick bait.

Babin had a great year and made the Pro Bowl. We should get like a 3 or 4 for him, right?

Nope. Don't count on it. The round in which teams are awarded compensatory picks is determined by 3 factors, weighted in the following order: (1) salary, (2) playing time, and (3) "postseason honors." Babin only signed a 1 year, $1 million contract with the Titans. He'll probably only net a 7.

But what about Sean Jones? You said the Eagles would be compensated for Babin and Jones. Why won't the Eagles likely get 2 picks?

Unfortunately, when it comes to awarding compensatory picks, the players you lose to free agency are offset by the players you sign. Even more unfortunately, the Eagles signed Marlin Jackson, who proceeded to blow out his ACL while he was walking away from the podium after the Eagles introduced him as their new free safety. The signing of Jackson will probably negate the signing of Jones, and therefore the Eagles shouldn't expect a second comp pick in return.

[Note by JimmyK, 01/18/11 10:28 AM EST ] - WHOOPS! - Sam from the late, great IgglesBlog has so kindly pointed out that Marlin Jackson will not count against the Eagles since he was a restricted free agent that the Colts did not choose to tender. Ah, the legal mumbo-jumbo of the NFL... In this case good for the Eagles, bad for my credibility, haha. Thanks Sam. Jerk.

So what's your final prediction for the Eagles receiving compensatory picks?

One pick, 7th round. There's a blogger that goes by the name of AdamJT13 that has carved out his own little niche in the world of compensatory picks. He has very accurately predicted which teams will be awarded compensatory picks (in what rounds) over the past few years. While I fancy myself as knowledgeable on the subject, AdamJT13 is sort of the master. He has yet to unveil his compensatory pick predictions for 2011, but when he does, I'll post it.

[Note by JimmyK, 01/18/11 10:34 AM EST ] - As mentioned above with Sam's notation about Jackson, the Eagles will likely get 2 comp picks... I'm thinking two 7's.

Are compensatory picks dependent on the new CBA?

Please... from now on, for anything we write on BGN, please mentally insert the phrase "All of the following is dependent on the new CBA" before you begin to read. Thank you... BGN Mgmt.

If you have any further questions, please fire away in the comment section:

And a quick disclaimer - While researching this, I found an insane amount of inaccurate information out there, so while I believe all of this to be accurate, I fear that I may not be 100% on every exact little detail.

[Note by JimmyK, 01/18/11 10:48 AM EST ] - And sure enough, it wasn't.

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