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Oprah And Piers Morgan Bet On Who Can Book Michael Vick First

Oprah was a guest on Piers Morgan's new CNN show and the topic of Michael Vick came up. Piers asked her what advice she might have for the Eagles QB. Oprah said she'd withhold her advice because she's trying to get Vick to come on her show and that she knows Morgan is trying to do the same. So, the two decided to make a friendly bet as to which would be the first book Vick as a guest.

I don't know why anyone would bet against Oprah... but good for Piers, even though he has no shot at winning. In fact, I can almost already envision how this is going to play out. Vick has spent two seasons trying to rehab his image by speaking to schoolkids every week, staying out of trouble and generally always saying the right thing. This past year was all about reclaiming his status on the field. Most of the football loving public seems to generally have gotten over his past as evidenced by his huge amount of pro bowl votes and record breaking ratings every week. But there's still plenty of holdouts. So at some point this offseason the Eagles are going to work out a new contract with him. Right before they announce it, they'll send him to Oprah who will tough talk him for a bit but in the end direct her minions to forgive him. It'll be big ratings for Oprah and big news in the sports world Soon after, they announce the new deal and the story becomes that the redemption is complete. Even Oprah says it's ok to like Michael Vick again.... The end!

Of course, Oprah isn't going to ask him anything every NFL pregame host alive hasn't already asked him this year. She isn't going to have any discussions that us Eagles fans didn't have two years ago when he was signed... But, she'll likely do wonders for his image with the housewives of America. So guys, if your lady still doesn't like the fact that you cheer for Michael Vick every week, just give it some time. Soon enough, Oprah will tell her it's ok.

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