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Mel Kiper ponders potential Kevin Kolb trade destinations

You need to be an "ESPN insider" to see this piece by Kiper, but he identified the Cardinals, 49ers, Titans, Vikings, and Browns as the top 5 teams that could make a play for the services of Kevin Kolb.  I'll be putting out a full-blown piece sometime next week on Kolb that explores this exact topic, along with several others, including dissecting Kolb's game, his value, the market price for a QB like Kolb in the NFL, whether or not the Eagles can/should/will deal him, etc.  But in a fruitless attempt to hold you over until my masterpiece is complete, here's what Kiper had to say for each team he reviewed (the blockquotes are Kiper's, the other comments are mine):

1) Cardinals:

I'm not trading away the No. 5 pick they hold, but what about No. 38, plus another pick or two? A similar deal netted McNabb.

The Eagles will most certainly be looking for steeper compensation than the return they got on McNabb.

2) 49ers:

Would you trade the seventh pick in the 2011 draft if it finally gave you a legit quarterback? What if you traded that first-round pick, and perhaps next year's second- or third-rounder, but got Philly's current second-rounder in return?

Reasonable deal for both parties.

3) Titans:

It's not enough to make me trade away that No. 8 pick, but if they could get Philly to go for a deal based around the No. 39 pick, maybe they have something.

A deal centered around the 39th overall pick will not get it done from the Eagles perspective, unless you're talking about adding multiple extra picks in the 2-3 range.  Again, there's no way the Eagles will consummate a deal that's similar to the compensation they received for McNabb.

4) Vikings:

Could the Vikes dangle the No. 12 pick? I highly doubt it, but they'll be looking.

The Vikings' 2nd round pick is number 43 overall, which again, isn't going to get it done if that's the centerpiece of a trade.  If the Vikings really like Kolb, they'll have to cough up that 12.

5) Browns: (Kiper didn't throw out any hypotheticals for this one)

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