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Google Suggests NFC East QBs Are "Gay" & "Overrated"

Over at, Jason Kirk decided to google the names of every QB in the NFL playoffs followed by the word "is" to see what google's autocomplete had to say about them. As it turns out, it seems to think they're all "gay" or "a douche." It's hilarious, go check it out.

I assume google suggests these based on what are the most popular searches are. So presumably, when people google "Tom Brady is X" the most common "X" is either "gay," "a douche," or "overrated." I decided to steal the idea and google the NFC East quarterbacks and of course the search engine suggests that everyone wants to know if they're all gay... except the Eagles QBs apparently.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Manning_is_mediumRomo_is_medium Mcnabb_is_medium

Rex_is_medium Vick_is_medium Kolb_is_medium

I like how no one wonders whether Kevin Kolb is "gay" or "a douche" but they do seem to be split 50/50 on whether he's good or bad.

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