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Michael Vick: Sunday's Loss Still Stings

Michael Vick was a guest of WIP in Philadelphia this week to talk about what else? Last Sunday's playoff loss to the Packers. He says the defeat stings as much today as it did on Sunday.

"Just as much. Not any more, not any less. You just catch yourself in moments where you think about it. You just reflect on it and go, man, I wish I could have done something different, or what could I have done better? That's just me as a true competitor. I always feel like there's something I could have done, and I've replayed the game over and over in my mind so many times, different plays and things that happened throughout the course of the game. It still hurts. It still hurts."

He was also asked about the final pass, which was intercepted to end the game.

"I don't have to see the film to remember that. I can vividly remember that play. I think what I would have done different is probably throw the ball a little higher, and a tad bit more to Riley Cooper's left side. What I did notice is they have fast corners and fast safeties, and I just didn't want that safety to get over the top and make a play on the ball. I tried to drill it in there and didn't make the right throw. I can honestly say if I had it to do all over again, I'd probably do the same thing."

Like I said after the game, throwing to a WR that has a 5 inch advantage over a corner one-on-one in the end zone wasn't a bad decision, but the throw was short. The execution was the problem.

Finally, he was also asked if he was tired of discussing his contract situation.

"Yeah at this point there's nothing that I can do about it but hope that the right decisions are made at the right time. I'm excited about the situation. I mean, it's great to be in the position that I'm in. Hopefully things will work out."

He really is in a great position. A franchise quarterback facing unrestricted free agency coming off a career year is a pretty good position to be in... Even if he gets the franchise tag, that'll be worth almost $13 million guarnateed.

For the full interview be sure to check out Sports Radio Interviews.

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