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The Linc - Have We Seen The Last Of Kolb, Akers & Mikell?

Banner: Vick, DeSean Deals Unlikely For Now
Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner says it doesn't make sense to talk about contracts for Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson until the NFL's union situation is resolved.

Kolb wants to start or wants out | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/09/2011
Kevin Kolb isn’t one for ultimatums – he handled his demotion this season with class – but the backup quarterback wants out if the Eagles plan on bringing Michael Vick back as their starting quarterback, a source close to the situation said.

Emotional day for Mikell
For safety Quintin Mikell, football isn’t a business. Players and coaches always say it is, but for Mikell, being an Eagle is personal.

Akers faced family health issues | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2011
David Akers was dealing with a lot more than just kicking field goals on Sunday. The Eagles kicker, of course, missed two crucial field goals in the Eagles' 21-16 playoff loss to the Packers. But Akers' mind may have been elsewhere. Several of his teammates after the game alluded that the kicker was dealing with personal matters in the week leading up to the game. His agent, Jerrold Colton, said Monday that the matter was a "family health concern." "David makes no excuses," Colton said. "He is an intensely private person when it comes to his family. It was a family health concern with one of his family members. That's all it is."

Without McNabb, finger pointing more complex | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2011
Well, maybe it wasn't entirely Donovan's fault, after all. Following Sunday's flat 21-16 dismissal in the wild-card round of the playoffs - the first time the Eagles have lost at home in the opening round in 20 years - there will have to be a major search for a fresh spot to place the blame.

Vick's storybook run slammed shut - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Less than an hour later he was hugging family and friends in a back hallway of Lincoln Financial. He signed some autographs. Team employees and stadium workers stopped him to wish him well. He’d sucked everyone in on this wild ride and now they wanted to thank him for it. Michael Vick just kept shaking his head and apologizing. He kept telling people he was sorry. Too greedy. Too fast. Too much.

Fixing defense is Eagles' top priority | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/11/2011
THERE ARE two different ways to look at the end of the Eagles' season. You can bore in on the last game or you can step back and do more of a big-picture thing. If you concentrate on Sunday's loss to Green Bay, and maybe on the last couple of weeks of the season, you come to the conclusion that the offense is the issue. From a greater distance, though, it is the defense.

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