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Eagles Position Reviews: Quarterback

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Now that the offseason has officially started for the Eagles, Andy Reid and company will have to spend the next couple of weeks carefully scrutinizing the 2010 roster. The free agency signing period begins in a little over a month and a half and by that time, the front office should have a good idea of which Eagles players they'll want to bring back for the 2011 season (if there is one). We'll start, as always, by looking at the quarterback position.

The Players

Michael Vick: After a record-breaking season in which he solidified himself as a franchise quarterback, it's hard to believe that the Eagles would let Vick walk now that his two year deal is up. Expect the franchise tag to make a friendly appearance within the next few weeks.

Kevin Kolb: Andy Reid has recently gone on the record saying that he wants both of his top quarterbacks back for next season - and with Vick's constant injury risk, who can blame him? However, Kolb's insatiable hunger for a starting spot makes it more likely that the Eagles will find some way to strike a deal with another team while they still have him under contract. (Hey Redskins, we'll take two first rounders if you've got 'em!)

Mike Kafka: With exactly zero playing time accumulated in 2010 and a 41.2 QB rating in the preseason, it's tough to imagine Kafka as the primary backup to Vick should Kevin Kolb depart for greener pastures. With another year as a reserve player, though, Kafka has the chance to develop into a solid backup and thus is worth keeping around as a number three guy. He has three years left on his four-year deal.

Who Could Leave

Kevin Kolb

Who Could Sign

If and when Kevin Kolb leaves, the front office will be on the lookout for a suitable #2 guy to replace him. Matt Moore, Alex Smith, Troy Smith and Tyler Thigpen are all relatively young quarterbacks with varying degrees of starting experience and all will be free agents unless resigned. They'll definitely be worth a look as security blankets.

There has been some talk around the fanbase of the Eagles acquiring Vince Young, who has all but been locked out of the practice facility by the Titans staff. Don't count on it. Young is not worth the bad attitude he'll bring to the locker room and will likely prefer some team where he has a chance at a starting position. The Eagles' front office will look elsewhere.

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