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Packers At Eagles: The Aaron Rodgers & Kevin Kolb Parallels


The storyline we've heard about most so far and the one that will likely be played up on the Sunday pregame shows is of course the parallels between the careers of Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Kolb. Their journeys which brought them to their current job are remarkably similar.

Both were surprise high draft picks of their respective teams given that both had accomplished QBs entrenched as starters. Rodgers went #24 overall when Brett Favre was still making the postseason and Kolb was taken #36 overall with Donovan McNabb still in his prime. Both teams traded their aging star QBs in order to give the young, but largely untested guys a shot. Kolb has more experience going into his first full year than Rodgers did as he's started two games while Rodgers basically had played 2 quarters outside of preseason.

Rodgers would go on to stardom. We don't know what the future holds for Kevin Kolb. However, Andy Reid said that he certainly looked at the Green Bay situation before he made the move to trade McNabb,

"I looked at the situation in Green Bay. I hear he's done a phenomenal job taking over for an obvious legend. I think Kevin - there's a similarity there. I feel that way about [Redskins QB] Donovan [McNabb], that Kevin is having the opportunity to take over for a legend. I can't tell you I didn't look at it, but I looked at a lot of different situations. Most of all, I looked at Kevin and the way he handled things last year and really since he's been here, but last year and the games he had the opportunity start and how he's handled this offseason."

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy sees parallels as well.

"They are both accomplished passers as far as being productive in their college careers," McCarthy said. "They both had opportunities to sit behind two outstanding quarterbacks … and as far as their skill sets, Kevin looks to be making all the throws and throws with good anticipation. So I would definitely say there are similarities."

The interesting thing is that the two QBs seem to have a mutual admiration.

Kevin Kolb reached out to Rodgers to talk about transitioning from the "next guy" to "the guy." He says he's learned from Rodgers.

"The big thing I pull from him is how he handled everything. The whole picture, that's with [QB] Brett [Favre] leaving, similar to me with Donovan, also, in my opinion, it's taking over a good team, it's not like young guys who come in and they're doing a rebuilding thing, we both had good teams coming in to, so success is demanded right off the bat, and it's no different here."

Aaron Rodgers was asked about Kolb, and what he said was eerily similar.

"I've been a big fan of his because of the way he's handled himself," Rodgers said. "He's done a nice job. It's never an easy situation but I think he's a very talented guy, big strong arm, athletic and I'm excited for his opportunity. I know the kind of feelings he's got to be feeling this week.

"Although he's started two games, this is his first chance as the guy."

Kolb says he specifically admires the way Rodgers has carried himself as a team leader. When there was some outrage in Green Bay over the Favre trade, Rodgers kept a steady demeanor, which Kolb wants to emulate

"Not only is that solid for the fans and the media, and everybody looking from the outside, but it's important for his own teammates. They never want to see their quarterback waver. So that's something that I can pull from, and obviously use."

As Eagles fans, we can only hope the parallels between these two continue. Since taking over as the starter two seasons ago, Rodgers has thrown for 58 TDs and about 8,500 yards.

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