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Eagles Injury Report: Reid Says Everyone Will Practice

The Eagles enter this first week of the NFL season about as healthy as they can be. Andy Reid said today "really I don't have anything to report for you on the injuries. Everybody will be suited up and practicing today."

It's good news, but the obvious concern isn't whether everyone is healthy enough to practice ... it's whether they're healthy enough to play effectively. Andy was specifically asked about Jamaal Jackson, who had offseason knee surgery and didn't play in the preseason, can he play four full quarters?

"A little bit of that's an unknown. I'll tell you that I feel comfortable with him, he feels comfortable and the doctors feel comfortable. But, I can't tell you that I'm not going to keep a close eye on him; I will do that. And Mike McGlynn and his experience at that center position is important for those first few weeks, here."

He was pressed as to what he meant by "comfortable?" Is he comfortable in Jackson not getting re-injured or in him being back physically.

"Well, I think he's back, yeah. Again, we just have to see. That's some of the unknown that I was saying. We just have to see how he does and sustains throughout a game. And he's got a pretty good task this week in their base defense. He's going to be covering every snap, so it will be a good challenge."

I think we'll all be keeping a close eye on him as well.

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