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Stacy Andrews Trade Comes Too Late, Eagles Have To Cut Max Jean-Gilles

The Eagles announced that the Stacy Andrews trade was not completed by the 6pm deadline, so to get the roster down to 53 man they were forced to cut Max Jean-Gilles. They will re-sign Max Jean tomorrow.

They also announced that Tracy White was not cut, he was traded to the New England Patriots for a 2012 pick.

[Update by JasonB, 09/04/10 7:00 PM EDT ] The Eagles are holding a conference call right now. I'll update any breaking or relevant news here.

Howie Roseman said that Stacy Andrews preferred to play tackle and he hopes he gets that chance in Seattle. Roseman was asked whether Andrews was promised a chance to start. Roseman said he was given the chance to start this preseason. Also said that they received a 7th round pick in 2011 for him.

As of now, Nick Cole is the projected starter at RG for week one.

Since Max Jean-Gilles is a veteran, he does not have to clear waivers and is a free agent. He's free to sign with any team, but the Eagles hope to have him back.

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