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Stacy Andrews Is Confused

The Eagles traded for a starting caliber guard yesterday. Today, Stacy Andrews spoke with Les Bowen of the Daily News and didn't seem to think the team needed another guard.

"I felt like I was pretty solid in there [against Kansas City, his last preseason action], but I guess they felt otherwise," Andrews said. He said he hasn't gotten any indication from coaches he is on shaky ground.
While I can't say as though Andrews stood out in any way against KC, it's hard to say that anyone on the offensive line was "pretty solid" that night. Andrews went on to repeat the things we've heard from his agent recently that he wouldn't have come here to play guard and sees himself as a right tackle. Andrews also said that he was assured he'd be the starting RG when he re-worked his contract earlier this year. He also said the reason he agreed to play RG was because his brother was at RT.

All that said, Andrews doesn't seem to be demanding a trade or a move to right tackle. Later in the article, Andrews said "I know I can be a dominant right guard" and says he plans to go into practice like he's the starting right guard, which for now he actually is.

I have to admit that I was a little confused when reading the article. It was honestly tough to gauge exactly how Andrews felt/reacted to the trade. He certainly seemed disappointed and doesn't seem to see himself as a guard, but did say that was committed to becoming a "dominant" right guard. We'll have to see whether that's ever the case.

As with any player, you hope that a move like this inspires them. Lights a fire under them, rather than just discourage or upset them. With an Andrews bro, you can never tell.

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