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Jemele Hill publishes hack article #238,647 on crappy Philly fans

Here is it.  I won't even comment on it, because it doesn't deserve commenting.  Instead, allow me to post the picture that you'll find in that article, which says more about the Eagles' fanbase than the misinformed Jemele Hill ever could...


A few quick things to note:

- As you may notice, I've circled all the people wearing Donovan McNabb jerseys.  I blew up the picture and found 16, although there are likely many more that are just hidden.  You'll find more McNabb jerseys than any other jersey in the crowd.

- Can anyone tell me who the Eagles are playing in this game?  Surely, when you take a picture of an entire section of fans like this, you'll find at least ONE opposing fan, right?  I can't find any.  Can you?  This is in stark contrast to say... a city like the one McNabb was traded to, where in 2008 the Redskins had to switch to a silent count on offense because Pittsburgh fans had overrun the stadium and were making too much noise.  How dare we care so much that we... you know... show up and give support.

- The caption under this picture says "Eagles fans aren't afraid to share their true feelings."  And you know what they're doing in the picture?  That's right folks... Cheering.

That's about all I have to say on this one.

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