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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Eagles Jump Close To Top Ten

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Getty Images has released it's latest power rankings and the Eagles have jumped from #14 to #11.That puts the Eagles as the top team in the NFC East. The Cowboys came in at #13, the Giants at #20 and the Redskins at #23.

ESPN has the Eagles up two spots to #14. With Michael Vicks' torrid start the season, John Clayton asks whether Donovan McNabb should be taking wildcat snaps from Vick, the opposite of what happened last year...

Both polls had the Pittsburgh Steelers ranked as the league's top team.

As for other notable rankings: FOX has the Eagles up 3 to #11, CBS has them up 4 to #13 and USA Today has them jumping way up 7 places from #17 to #10.

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