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Just For Fun: Exploring Kevin Kolb's Trade Value

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As a fun little exercise, I figured it would be interesting to explore Kevin Kolb's trade value, should Andy Reid decide to take his benching decision one step further and rid himself of the young quarterback entirely. He has already declined to go on the record stating that Kolb will be with the team past the trade deadline, so anything is possible.

To get a handle on what the Eagles could get in return for Kolb, let's take a look at the quarterback trades that have happened throughout the season so far. We'll start off waaaaay back on March 9th, when Seneca Wallace awoke to suddenly find himself in a Browns uniform.

Seneca Wallace

Trade: Seahawks to Browns

Value: Conditional 7th round pick in 2011

Analysis: You can't really get much less for a veteran quarterback with 14 games of starting experience, but let's face it, at 30 years old, Wallace ain't exactly a player to build your franchise around.


Brady Quinn

Trade: Browns to Broncos

Value: FB Peyton Hillis, 6th round pick in 2011, conditional pick in 2012

Analysis: As any fantasy football player will tell you, Peyton Hillis has turned out to be a pretty valuable asset to the Browns. At the time of the Brady Quinn trade, however, he was not much more than a Charles Scott-eque fullback getting lost in the shuffle. Still, two late round draft picks and a depth player aren't a bad exchange for a quarterback with 67.2 passer rating last season.

Shaun Hill

Trade: 49ers to Lions

Value: 7th round pick in 2011

Analysis: Unlike the Seneca Wallace trade, I think the 49ers received exactly what Hill was worth here.


Charlie Whitehurst (plus 60th overall pick)

Trade: Chargers to Seahawks

Value: 40th overall pick, 3rd round pick in 2011

Analysis: Here is the most comparable trade that I can find to a potential Kolb deal. At the time of the trade Charlie Whitehurst was one of the most (if not the most) unproven quarterbacks in the NFL. In four years of playing for the Chargers behind Philip Rivers, he accumulated stats in exactly two regular season games. Both were in his rookie year, and both were rushing plays. That being said, one was a 14-yard scramble for a touchdown, but still, it wasn't exactly a showcase of his talent as a quarterback. Nevertheless, the Chargers managed to turn Whitehurst, who was never going to get a chance to start anyway, into a mid-round pick next year and a move up to the 40th overall pick (which, by the way subsequently was used to trade up for Ryan Mathews). If we were to trade Kolb - and Tom Heckert didn't give up his promised two first rounders - this level of compensation is likely what we could expect.


Donovan McNabb

Trade: Eagles to Redskins

Value: 37th overall pick, conditional 3rd/4th round pick in 2011

Analysis: Let's face it: this trade has been analyzed to death.


Byron Leftwich

Trade: Buccaneers to Steelers

Value: 7th round pick

Analysis: For a solid backup quarterback, the Bucs received very little in the way of compensation. However, the fact that Leftwich was likely to be cut anyway factors pretty heavily into the deal.


Jason Campbell

Trade: Redskins to Raiders

Value: 4th round pick in 2012

Analysis: After McNabb made his way to Washington, everyone knew Campbell was a goner. The Redskins, apparently thinking far into the future, made out with a fourth round pick for their former starter. Now, after Bruce Gradkowski has taken over the starting job after only a week and a half of a Campbell-led offense, this trade is starting to look pretty Washington-friendly after all.


John Beck

Trade: Redskins to Ravens

Value: CB Doug Dutch

Analysis: Much like the J.J. Arrington/Joe Mays trade that the Eagles underwent during the preseason, the Ravens and Redskins swapped one scrub for another. The only difference here is that the Ravens weren't lucky enough to have a draft pick clause in their agreement. Dutch is now a free agent.


Sage Rosenfels (plus WR Darius Reynaud)

Trade: Vikings to Giants

Value: 5th round pick in 2011, conditional pick in 2012

Analysis: For a quarterback on the wrong side of 30 with only 12 starts to his name, the Vikings managed to make out pretty well with two future draft picks. They did have to throw in WR/KR Darius Reynaud, but with Percy Harvin averaging 27.5 yards per return and 2 return TDs last year, I don't think the Vikings are going to shed any tears over his departure. They simply caught the Giants in a desperate situation after Jim Sorgi went down for the year and were able to come away with a pretty good value for their veteran backup.


So, what do you think the Eagles could get in exchange for Kevin Kolb?

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