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Michael Vick Still Taking Too Many Hits

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Last week we noted that the Eagles wanted Michael Vick to try and stop taking so many big hits. As much as they may want that, they aren't getting it. ESPN's John Clayton detailed how often Vick has been getting hit over the past two weeks.

In Week 2, Vick was hit on 24 of his 44 pass plays. On Sunday against an inferior Jaguars team, he was sacked three times, tackled on four running plays and had 10 additional hits by the Jaguars' defense. He's getting around 20 hits a game, and he's not as big as a power running back.

Clayton also noted that Vick was actually hit more on Sunday than RB LeSean McCoy who touched the ball 13 times. The real worry here is that he's getting hit an unsustainable rate, that just through sheer attrition the guy is going to start to get beat up or worse suffer an injury that causes him to miss time.

Now lets not mix words here. The biggest reason he's getting hit so much is that the offense line just isn't protecting well. Especially the interior... But as was pointed out last week by the Fox broadcaster and as the Jaguars noted this week, Vick does hold onto the ball.

"He holds the ball longer than a normal quarterback would and you just have to keep with your second efforts and keep hunting," defensive tackle Tyson Alualu said. "That's how you have to play him."

Therein lies the problem. This is just how he plays the game and so far it's been working for him. It's been working incredibly well. So how to balance preserving Vick, but not limiting his ability to make plays and do what he does? That's the challenge that faces the Eagles right now. I think the one point we can all agree on is that It has to start with somehow shoring up the protection.

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