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Philadelphia Eagles Week 3 Game Ball - Trevor Laws

Every week we'll giving out a game ball to the Eagles player who most impressed us on the previous Sunday. He may not have been the flat out best player on the field, but the guy still made  a big impact and probably surprised some.

This week, it goes to Trevor Laws. The guy the Eagles actually selected above DeSean Jackson had spent two rather unimpressive seasons in the NFL prior to this one. Then this offseason we started hearing all the stories about how hard he'd worked in the offseason and how impressed all the coaches were with him... Blah blah stuff we've all heard before.

But then, Laws started to really play the part. He had a great camp and won the #3 DT job. He's been getting pressure in the first couple games, but he took over against the Jaguars. To the point where he seemed to get more snaps that Mike Patterson & Broderick Bunkley. He had his first career sack and was credited with knocking down two passes. I actually thought he had two sacks, but apparently he was only credited with a tackle for loss when he brought down David Garrard for a two yard loss early in the game.

Laws talked about getting his first career sack after the game.

I came in today and played like I feel like I should have been playing for my whole career, got my first sack which is a great feeling out there.  I went camp healthy for the first time this year.  I've been banged up the last couple of years and it's all about having a healthy body for me."

In his must read weekly "Man Up" feature Sheil Kapadia also noted Laws' standout performance.

A stand-out performance for Laws. I thought the inside pass rush was probably the biggest factor in the defense's turnaround (OK, that and the Jaguars looked horrible). Laws dropped Garrard for a 2-yard loss in the first, although I'm not sure why he wasn't credited with a sack on the play. I guess the officials ruled it a run? Laws picked up a sack later on 3rd-and-17. He came close to another one on a 3rd-and-16 where Garrard flipped the ball to Jones-Drew at the last second. Laws also deflected a pass at the line of scrimmage and made a good play on a 3-yard Jones-Drew run.
Congrats to Trevor Laws. His ability to get penetration up the middle is really what disrupted the Jags offense and if he can continue to do that all year it could transform the Eagles defense.

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