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Youtube Trash Talker Of The Week: Late Nite Rant

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have a ton of trash talkers on youtube, which might actually be something to be proud of... Problem is it makes it tough to find a freak for our weekly feature here.

That hasn't stopped us. This week's trash talker isn't actually talking trash about the Eagles, he's targeted the Jaguars own fans. He's angry about Jags fans not buying tickets to the games. In fact, that seems to be a running theme among the Jaguars youtubers. These guys made a Jaguars hip hop song that starts with the line "Y'all better purchase some tickets, get off ya couch and into the stadium, so we can stop these blackouts!"

Our "Late Nite Ranter" here has a similar message for Jaguars fans. You've got to check out the end of this one, because that's where the gold is.

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