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Eagles Pregame Tweets: Week 3

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Looking for a way to get fired up for the matchup against the Jaguars this afternoon? Try taking a look at what your Philadelphia Eagles are saying via Twitter - all 90 minutes before kickoff, of course.

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Trent Cole (@ProHunt58)

Gametime! Qbs today and whitetails tomorrow

Riley Cooper (@Riley_Cooper)

Gametime vs the Jacksonville Jaguars good to see my fam and lots of friends kind of a local game for me im back in Florida Go Eagles! #14

Jamar Chaney (@Jamar22Chaney)

Its GAMEDAY baby!!! EAGLE fans, are u ready?

Trevor Laws (@TrevorLaws)

Ha GAMEDAY babay

Brandon Graham (@BGraham54)

Game Day today and my heart is beating fast because im so hype to get out there.

Jeremy Maclin (@jmac_18)

Excited for today's game against the jags....ready to make it happen! Tune in eagle fans!

Jeff Owens (@JeffOwens95)

It's GAMEDAY!!!!!

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