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BGN Writer NFL Picks Week 3

The Cowboys have an old, tired O Line, a kicker that makes chip shot FG's look about as routine as a Shaquille O'Neal free throw attempt, a suddenly porous defense, and a couple of dopey playcallers that seem to think that trying to score from your own 35 with a couple seconds left in the first half is a better option than just taking a knee. But I'll say this for the Cowboys... They have bloggers that know how to make professional looking charts in HTML! Big thanks to One.Cool.Customer from Blogging the Boys for doing our chart in much the same way my mom would do my school projects when I was in 4th grade. I needed the help then, just as I need it now. Thanks O.C.C., and mom <3.

Anyway, decent week last week overall for the BGN writers, who all picked 10 of 16 games correctly. Very nice start to the season for JasonB and JimmyK, who are both picking games at a 69% clip. Nice to see Bob has finally given up on picking the Rams.

[Note by JimmyK, 09/23/10 2:46 PM EDT ] - I was curious how we stacked up to the ESPN guys, and it turns out that Jason and Jimmy have their top picker (Schlereth) beat by 2 games. Take that, ESPN.

Our picks after the jump...

Week 3, 2010 Selections

Jason BGNBob Jimmy BGN logo
Jason Bob Jimmy Consensus
Season Record 22 - 10 18 - 14 22 - 10 21 - 11
Week 2 Record 10 - 6 10 - 6 10 -6 9 - 7
SF @ KC Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Kan_medium Sfx_medium
DAL @HOU Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium
CIN @ CAR Cin_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium
CLE @BAL Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium
ATL @ NO Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium
PIT @ TB Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium
TEN @NYG Nyg_medium Ten_medium Ten_medium Ten_medium
Det_medium Min_medium Min_medium
BUF @NE Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium
Was_medium Was_medium Was_medium Was_medium
Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium
Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium
Ari_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium
Ind_medium Ind_medium Ind_medium Ind_medium
Mia_medium Nyj_medium Mia_medium Mia_medium
Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium

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