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Reactions from Bleeding Green Nation on the Vick/Kolb News...

"Yoooo, EvilBanner be hatin', son."
"Yoooo, EvilBanner be hatin', son."

Thought it would be fun to pick out the most entertaining and/or smartest comments from the earlier thread that broke the news that Michael Vick is the new starter for our Philadelphia Eagles.  Note: If you used the word "hater," don't even bother looking for your quote...

You have to imagine Kolb is still the man long term but he’s gotta be HEATED.

Wait 3 years, get a half, wait some more. Oooh boy.

- D3Keith

If there are any cooks in here, you can appreciate the stupidity of Reid’s "allow the maturation process to continue." This one time, I was making chicken breasts and I thought they would be more tender if I marinaded them for a week. But instead, they were spoiled, rank and maggoty.

- EvilBanner

I'm an Eagles fan.  I’ll be behind whoever is under center…but I really think Kolb deserves a bigger shot.

- jalarson

At least this thread topic isn't... Breaking: Andy Reid Names Omar Gaither As Eagles Starter

- andyreidswaistline

I wanted to see Kolb play but I think we can contend for the East with Vick.  He is so damn dynamic.

- Ichiban

Looks like I'm not starting kolb in fantasy this week…

- Mapost1

Really?  They’re sitting him after ten passes?

- Chase8008

Screw PETA.  Just throwing that out there.

- Chase8008

Well (expletive). I’m glad 7 non-concussed pass attempts is all we need to know. If we don’t win the SB with Vick this year, this is a mistake. This is now going to be McNabb-Kolb all over again assuming they extend Vick. And if they don’t extend Vick, and we don’t win the SB, what was the point?

If I’m Kolb and they give Vick a contract I demand a trade. He just got (expletive'd) in the (expletive) big time.

- NOLACuse

Eagles offseason moves make them look like rubes especially with all of the inflation of Kolb and handing him that huge paycheck.

- MG77

Kolb is balling on the bench. 12 million, and just watch the game. Good for him.

- topcat6

This is weak. You trade away the best QB this franchise had (McNabb) and go balls out with Kolb all season. Then as soon as he shows a little youth and gets injured he gets benched? I would have rather kept McNabb for another year or two than have Vick starting for us. Sigh.

Go Eagles.

- ForTheLove

How can people damn this move already? Yeah it makes them look foolish on a couple of accounts at the onset but you have no idea on how Vick plays.

This offensive line isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. My bet is that Wells replaces Cole (who has bene terrible and doing his best MJG impersonation of late) this week or next and the offensive line starts to look a little better once they have Cole out and a bit more continuity.

- MG77

Vick was awesome don’t get me wrong … but it was the 2 and 32 Lions we are talking about who let up 372 yards in the air to Cutler the week before. Color me unimpressed.

- Whodie126

This is great, until Vick sucks, then what?

- DLawrence55

If Vick could take that Atlanta team as far as he did just imagine what he will do with our much more talented team should be great…..I hope

- Udalango

I am not sure what to think right now. I started like 4 different sentences, and erased them all. Nothing looked right. And i still dont know how i stand.

- GreenInBaltimore

Excited and dissapointed all at the same time. I think that sums it up.

- GreenInBaltimore

Yes, Vick gives us the best shot right now in this year, maybe. This is the best he’s ever looked I agree, but we have far more evidence to suggest that he isn’t able to sustain this level of success.

If I’m Kolb I demand a trade right now, if its all a business I want to prove myself and get paid, can’t do that behind Vick.

- Rogue Nine

Why give the Jags an entire week to prepare?

- Udalango

One thing really bothering me about this is that EVERYONE that supported Kolb said that "we have to trust the organization. They see him EVERYDAY and we dont." Now…the FO changes their stance and no one trusts it….. Lets not forget….they do see him EVERYDAY. maybe they know something we dont.

- GreenInBaltimore

OR perhaps this is all just a ploy to fuck with the jags. We know Vick will always get his plays. So if he just gets the first one….thats a START.

- GreenInBaltimore

Does this mean Vick gets a contract extension?

- ThePaceMaker

what happens after this year. Do they give the reins to Kolb, or extend Vick

- Chase8008

He should have let Kolb play against Jacksonville and evaluate after that

- FlyEagles15

A win-win for both players, Andy? Really? How can you even pretend that this is a "win" for Kolb?

- wildcatlh

Fastest Offense ever assembled - Vick, D Jax, Maclin, and McCoy……. Oh Baby….. greatest show on turf part 2

- Jland

Well now Winston Justice just became our most valuable Olineman … weird that I’m not terrified with that

- Whodie126

Part of my reaction to this is that I think it is really shortsighted that they deviate from something they planned and set up over the course of three years on the base of one half of football.

If Kolb had started against the Jaguars and sucked, it would at least make a bit more sense, but that game was tailor-made for him.

And Reid had already said Kolb was the starter and Vick, to his credit, had said all the right things.

Secondly, though, and at the risk of starting a flame war, I still have trouble rooting for Michael Vick. I know he’s paid his debt to society and all…but I still have trouble "liking" him.

- BrianS

The one bright spot - I thought Eskin was going to either retire or have a stroke today.

- EvilBanner

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