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Kevin Kolb Responds To Eagles Quarterback Controversy

The Eagles have themselves a quarterback controversy. Seriously, it's official. After all, what is a QB controversy? It's not really an argument within the team, it's a debate amongst fans and media about who should start at QB for a team. We've got that. Believe me, we've got that.

In the organization, there's really no controversy at this point. Andy Reid has already announced that Kevin Kolb will start next week against the Jaguars after he was cleared by doctors last week. Michael Vick already said he knows that it's Kolb's team and that he's ready to go back to having his role. But all that doesn't change the fact that there is a debate going on outside of the Novacare complex and that debate does, at the very least, put extra pressure on Kolb. That's just a fact. If he even glances at ESPN at any point this week there's a half decent chance he'll see some of their pundits debating whether or not Michael Vick should be the Eagles starter.

He knows that if he doesn't at least win this Sunday and probably do it impressively, the debate will only intensify.... and let's all not forget what happens two weeks from now. Donovan McNabb returns to the Linc to face the Eagles in a 4pm national TV matchup. Imagine how the crowd will react if Kolb were to struggle against Jacksonville and then Washington when he's got Vick behind him and McNabb staring from across the sideline. The guy would have to be a robot to not feel the pressure here.

For his part, Kolb gets where the controversy comes from.

"I mean, I know I didn't play very well that first half. We didn't play very well and Mike's done a great job. I'm really proud of him the way he came in and led us in that second half and then led us to the victory. That was a good team win yesterday. All I can do is deal with what's on the field, and that's me getting out there. I'm anxious to get back on the field Wednesday for a practice and it starts there, and then going and getting a win against Jacksonville. I think if I just stay focused on those things and just play my game, then we'll be fine."

Kolb also said that he appreciates Andy Reid's loyalty to him and knows it's on him to repay the coaches faith.

"Yeah, I mean I appreciate it, but I need to go prove it, too. That's the competitive nature of everybody. We know in this league that you have to go out there and give everything you have on every snap. And Andy's loyal to everybody and he's a trustworthy guy and he does what's right for the team, always. And I appreciate the words that Mike has said, and like I said, I'm proud of him and proud of the team, and I thought he did a heck of a job yesterday."

Here's your moment Kevin. In a lot of ways this Sunday becomes the biggest game of your career, followed by an even bigger one the week after. That's the life of an NFL QB. He can either handle or he can't. We'll find out soon enough.

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