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Eagles Jets Preseason: In Which Kurt Coleman Was The Offensive Star

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The Eagles backups finished off their preseason with a 21-17 loss to the Jets backups (plus Santonio Holmes). It was filled with pretty much the kind of stuff you'd expect from the final preseason game, rookies making mistakes and unlikely big plays.

Michael Vick started, but left the game after only two series. Vick was off target on a few passes, but looked better than he had in previous games and Andy Reid likely didn't see any point in him playing much more. Mike Kafka took over from that point and to say he struggled would be an understatement. He went 9 for 27 with a pick. He's been up and down this preseason, which is what you'd expect from a mid round rookie QB. Overall, the Eagles offense really did nothing outside of the Vick-led first drive. Overall they gained just 184 yards.

Special teams were a bit of mixed bag. J.J. Arrington did a nice job on kick returns tonight, newly acquired Jorrick Calvin had a decent 17 yard punt return, Sav Rocca was arguably the MVP of the night, and Keenan Clayton made a fantastic special teams tackle on a punt midway through the second quarter. Kelley Washington also had a heads up play where he was able to toss a Sav Rocca punt to the 2 yard line before he fell into the end zone. However, there were a few bad penalties in the first half.

Omar Gaither did a great job punching the ball out of RB Joe McKnight's hands while still engaged with a blocker. That forced fumble was picked up by rookie Kurt Coleman and returned 64 yards for his first of two TDs on the night. He also returned a fumble that was coughed up by John Conner (or as the Jets call him "The Terminator, which if you think about it is completely opposite) 8 yards for a TD.

Moise Fokou led the team in tackles and actually got some pressure playing as a DE. Newly acquired DE Pannel Egboh also forced two fumbles, one of which the Eagles recovered.

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