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ESPN Predictions: Will the Eagles Make the Playoffs?

Today, the folks at ESPN polled sixteen football experts on their staff - from Adam Schefter to John Clayton - on what their predictions were for the 2010 division winners, wild cards, individual award winners, conference champions and Super Bowl titlist. Not surprisingly, the Eagles were mentioned a few times. You can check out the full article here or just keep reading to get the breakdown.

  • Only two experts, Paul Kuharsky and Pat Yaskinsas, picked the Eagles to win the NFC East. The most common choice was (shock!) the Cowboys, who were picked by 75% of the experts. For the record, no one was brave enough to gamble their credibility on the Redskins. 13% took a shot with the Giants.
  • The Eagles were a slightly more popular choice to earn a wild card slot. They were picked about 19% of the time. For those of you who are keeping track, that means that 31% of the experts think that the Eagles will make the playoffs.
  • Not surprisingly, no one chose the Eagles to make a Super Bowl appearance. The most common prediction for this year's champion was the Colts at 38%.'s Chris Harris picked the Cowboys to win it all. Feel free to boo here.
  • We can skip Coach of the Year, MVP, and Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year. Enough said.
  • When it came time to predict who will win Defensive Rookie of the Year, 19% of the experts chose Brandon Graham. If Graham looks as good in the regular season as he has so far, they might just be right.

So, what do you think about the experts' predictions?

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